Freedom Law School helps student Leon to ZERO OUT an IRS Tax Claim
for more than $4.6 million due to the IRS not following Proper Procedures!

Leon contacted Peymon and Freedom Law School following an assessment of taxes for the tax years 1996-1997 for over $4.6 million (Click here to see the IRS Notice).

In September, the IRS issued Notices of Determination for both of the tax years in question. With the assistance of Peymon and the outstanding paralegals at Freedom Law School, Leon invoked his right to a Collection Due Process Hearing where Leon brought up the validity of the alleged tax.

After the IRS arbitrarily denied his case at the Collection Due Process Hearing level, Leon then petitioned to the US Tax Court. With continued assistance from Peymon and Freedom Law School, the US Tax Court remanded the entirety of the amount the IRS claimed Leon owed (click here to see the US Tax Court Decision).

Another victory not only for Freedom Law School, but for Leon who was saved from paying $4.6 million he should not have owed in the first place.

Freedom Law School Can Help You!

Here are 3 ways Freedom Law School can help you with your IRS and Freedom issues!

Freedom Law School Declares:

  • There is no statute that makes any American Citizen who works and lives in the United States of America liable or responsible to pay an income tax. Individuals only become liable to pay the income tax when they "VOLUNTARILY" file a tax return and the IRS follows their assessment procedures as outlined in the Internal Revenue Code.
  • If there were a statute, which clearly and unequivocally required the filing of such tax returns, such a statute would be unconstitutional under the present income tax system to the extent that it would require individuals to give the government information which could be used against them to prosecute them criminally. Although the IRS and the modern American courts claim that the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution permitted the income tax to be imposed on the compensation for labor of the average working man, the 16th Amendment was not properly added to the United States Constitution. See www.thelawthatneverwas.com for documentation of this issue.
  • The IRS, under the United States Constitution, cannot legally require information on 1040 returns from individuals. This is the reason the IRS continually refers to the income tax as "voluntary."

For more information, you may want to investigate the resources listed below:

www.freedomabovefortune.com This is the site of Joe Banister, the former gun-carrying IRS Criminal Investigation Agent, who resigned from his prestigious job with the IRS because his superiors would not answer his findings of fraud within the IRS. (See this page.) Mr. Banister's report on the IRS confirms our opinions about the Federal Income Tax in great detail.

www.givemeliberty.org Bob Schulz, founder of We The People Foundation, has attempted several times with Joe Banister and many other intelligent Americans, to debate the legality of the income tax system with high ranking government officials. Each time, no government official ever showed up to debate! Any intelligent American would think the government would be more than happy to show up and answer a few questions to set the record straight once and for all, wouldn't you…? Or does the government have something to hide…? Do your own research and decide if the government is hiding something. See this page.

Also see the DVD "America Freedom to Fascism" at www.freedomtofascism.com.

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