Freedom Law School Royal Freedom Package

The Royal Freedom Package is for those who wish to Live Free Now and to be treated like ROYALTY!

Professionals, Entrepreneurs and busy Employees who do not have the time to study and learn all the materials needed to properly defend and protect your rights, We are here for you! Hire experienced professionals to protect you from Oppressive Taxation and Government Control.  Freedom Law School will handle ALL SITUATIONS from the IRS or State Taxing Agency with complete Civil and, if needed, Criminal representation. Enjoy the Freedom and Peace of Mind the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE provides.

  • Peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated team of Freedom Minded, Legal Professionals working together to handle any situation that may obstruct your freedom.
  • Our Level One Educational Course and other educational material are designed to help you understand your Rights, Laws, Procedures and how to protect yourself against Oppressive Taxation and Government Control.
  • A Freedom Preparation Package that will help you make a conclusive decision as to whether you are required to file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Form or not; based on the guidance and response, or lack thereof, from your Public Servants (Senators and Congressmen). For more details on the contents of this Package, see the Beginner's Freedom Package.
  • Protection from criminal attacks for filers and non-filers alike. You will receive full membership in our LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, which includes PREPAID REPRESENTATION for ALL costs, even up to the Supreme Court if necessary. Very few of our members have needed this protection, however they do enjoy the peace of mind it provides.
  • We respond on your behalf to administrative attacks from the IRS and State Income Tax Agencies by providing administrative responses and unlimited consultation by the appropriate DREAM TEAM or other Freedom Law School professionals.
  • In short, we do it all for you. Freedom Law School has assembled and coordinated the most knowledgeable, experienced, and successful group of freedom fighters in America, protecting our members from IRS and State Income Tax Agency harassment, and allowing our members to enjoy the fruits of their labor in peace and prosperity.
  • Unlimited consultation support for any and all Federal and State Income Tax situations. We have taken care to assemble the most knowledgeable, experienced and successful freedom fighters in America to protect you from the IRS and State Income Tax Agencies' harassment. You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family in peace and prosperity.

Your investment in the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE is only $6,000 for the first year.

Each year thereafter, the annual renewal is $4,000 for Californians and $3,500 for people in all other states.

To start living FREE, please read the terms of agreement before completing and returning it to us. If you have any questions about the ROYAL FREEDOM PACKAGE, please feel free to contact us at Freedom Law School's number listed below or on our Weekly Conference Call.


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