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Based on US Government's official websites:
There is NO LAW requiring 99% of
to file and pay income tax.

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Lesson 1 - Who IS Required to File and Pay Income Taxes

Lesson 2 - Odds of Being Struck by Lightning are HIGHER Than Odds of Being Sent to Prison for NOT Filing

Lesson 3 - Many definitions of "United States" in tax laws prove it ONLY applies to D.C.

Lesson 4 - Since 1913, has the Federal Income Tax ONLY applied to Federal Territories?

Lesson 5 - Former IRS Commissioner Cannot Provide the Law PROVING the Legality of the Federal Income Tax

Lesson 6 - The Classic Documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism documentary

Lesson 7 - Collect Freedom Law School's $300,000 Income Tax reward up to $600,000!

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*When you become a Royal Freedom Package member, and

  • You are not a citizen or resident of the District of Columbia;
  • You have no income from the federal government;
  • You no longer file federal income returns; and
  • In a TIMELY manner you:
    • Follow Freedom Law School's instructions on sending Petitions to Congress;
    • Verify to Freedom Law School that the IRS has your current mailing address and inform Freedom Law School of any changes to your mailing address;
    • Forward to Freedom Law School all income tax-related correspondence from federal agencies; and
    • Mail to or file with the IRS or other third parties all correspondence that Freedom Law School prepares on your behalf, and send to Freedom Law School a copy of such correspondence.

This guarantee covers any tax year that has not been assessed, and applies for each subsequent tax year for as long as the student is a Royal Freedom Package member.

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