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Take these 7 steps to FREE Yourself of IRS FEAR,  deception, robbery, and slavery, and LIVE FREE NOW in confidence and peace of mind.

Step 1: Arm yourself with the Law

Based on the US Government's official legal websites:

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, co-author of the Declaration of Independence.

NO LAW requires 99% of Americans to file and pay income tax.

See the proof in this 10-minute video and start your journey to LIVE FREE NOW from IRS Deception, Robbery, and Slavery!

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Step 2: Stop filing income tax forms

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Signing a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap Form puts the IRS noose around YOUR neck and empowers the IRS to audit YOU, empty YOUR bank account, steal YOUR property, and put YOU in prison,...)

Step 3: Realize the IRS is mostly BLUFF

"To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” Sun Tzu, Chinese military general, strategist, philosopher, who wrote the book :The Art of War

Understand that it is a MYTH that IRS is a most powerful government agency that will quickly empty YOUR bank account and take your paycheck if you do NOT file and pay Income Tax.

IRS' perceived invincibility is created by the same corrupt Mainstream Media that gave YOU the Coronahoax and told you to get the Coronahoax jabs!

Two former IRS Commissioners, Fred Goldberg and Charles Rossotti, prove the IRS is 99% bluff; the IRS is absolutely reliant on YOU, voluntarily agreeing to be a tax slave by filing a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap forms and admit you owe IRS $$$$:

Step 4: Take courage from our victories

"If a little 14 year old Jewish boy from Iran, who came to America in 1977, without parents, can beat the IRS and be FREE, YOU can do it too." Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School

Peymon has not filed or paid any U.S. Income Taxes since 1993. The IRS knows this fact very well; the IRS has never attempted to indict or put Peymon in prison for not having filed or paid any U.S. Income taxes for almost 30 years.


When YOU equip yourself with knowledge and are prepared, the IRS is easy to beat. Peymon has done so and so can YOU!

Click on the image above and see the proof of the above statement, through our victories page!

Step 5. Write to your lawmakers about the law

"Our rulers can have authority over such natural rights only as we have submitted to them." -Thomas Jefferson

Write to your Congress members (lawmakers). File and pay income taxes


your Congressmen can show you the law that requires


to file and pay income tax.

Ask Questions and Send Petitions to US Congress to lawfully and safely FREE YOURSELF from IRS deception, robbery, and slavery!

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Step 6: Join the Restore Freedom Plan

"Evil triumphs when good men need to do nothing", Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, co-author of the Declaration of Independence.

Lawfully STOP filing and paying Income Tax with our

and Freedom Law School will keep the IRS from levying your money with our 100% Protection when you are a member!

By not paying the Income Taxes that you never owed in the first place:

1) You drain the swamp - stop financially supporting your DEEP STATE enemies

2) Restore freedom and prosperity for you, your family, and America.

"Gentlemen, we must all hang together or else we shall all hang separately", Benjamin Franklin

Step 7: Spread the Word!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", Edmund Burke

Here is YOUR Freedom Opportunity to

Get Paid for each American you FREE with our

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Lesson 4 - Since 1913, has the Federal Income Tax ONLY applied to Federal Territories?

Lesson 5 - Former IRS Commissioner Cannot Provide the Law PROVING the Legality of the Federal Income Tax

Lesson 6 - The Classic Documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism documentary

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*When you become a Restore Freedom Plan member, and

  • You are not a citizen or resident of the District of Columbia;
  • You have no income from the federal government;
  • You no longer file federal income returns; and
  • In a TIMELY manner you:
    • Follow Freedom Law School's instructions on sending Petitions to Congress;
    • Verify to Freedom Law School that the IRS has your current mailing address and inform Freedom Law School of any changes to your mailing address;
    • Forward to Freedom Law School all income tax-related correspondence from federal agencies; and
    • Mail to or file with the IRS or other third parties all correspondence that Freedom Law School prepares on your behalf, and send to Freedom Law School a copy of such correspondence.

This guarantee covers any tax year that has not been assessed, and applies for each subsequent tax year for as long as the student is a Restore Freedom Plan member.

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