Freedom Law School Victories

Freedom Law School Beats California Franchise Tax Board For Not Following Their Own Rules!

Case #1 - The FTB sent this Notice Click Here to one of our students arbitrarily proposing an assessment of tax against the student. With the help of Freedom Law School, the student requested for a hearing regarding the tax Click Here. After numerous challenges by Freedom Law School into the FTB's procedures and authority to propose the baseless assessment, the FTB withdrew its assessment. Click Here

Freedom Law School Beats California Franchise Tax Board For Filing Illegal Tax Liens

Case #1 - The FTB illegally filed two tax liens against Robert for the years 2000 and 2001. With the assistance of Peymon, the President of Freedom Law School, these tax liens were promptly removed by the FTB without paying the FTB anything. Click here to see a copy of the tax lien that was illegally filed by the FTB. See the Release of Tax Lien.

Freedom Law School Beats California's Franchise Tax Board For Trying To Illegally Take Money

Case #2 - The FTB decided to take Jim’s money out of his bank account, even though he requested a hearing to challenge the FTB’s tax proposal several years ago. With Peymon’s intervention, the FTB was forced to cut a check and give back the money that they had illegally taken from Jim. Click here to see a copy of the FTB’s illegal levy. See a copy of the letter from Jim’s bank stating that they would turn over Jim’s money to the FTB. Here is a copy of the FTB’s letter to Jim stating that they had made a mistake and that his money would be refunded. Click here to see a copy of the refund check that was sent to Jim from the FTB.

Case #3 - Based on the initial information and assessed taxes from the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) assessed Leon with over $1.3 million in California State taxes for 1996 and 1997 (click here to see the FTB Assessment). The FTB based all of their information on the IRS' arbitrary numbers for the same years. With the help of Freedom Law School, Leon challenged the assessed taxes by the FTB. Since Leon had previously beaten the IRS in Tax Court (click here to see IRS Tax Court Victory), the FTB was forced to follow suit. For 1996 and 1997 the FTB reduced the amount owed to $0.00! (click here to see the Notices of Determination from the FTB). Leon saved $1.3 million with the help of Freedom Law School.

Case #4 - Mr. Jin was assessed taxes for the tax year 2007 from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for over $4,000. These taxes were assessed based off of an estimated interest from mortgage payments for around $68,000 (click here to see the Notice of Proposed Assessment). The FTB regularly uses mortgage or business license information when trying to assess tax. In this instance, this was the only information the FTB had to utilize in the assessment of taxes on Mr. Jin. With the help of Freedom Law School, Mr. Jin challenged the Notice of Proposed Assessment and the issue was taken in front of the California Board of Equalization (BOE). With the help of Freedom Law School, the FTB Attorney dismissed the Notice of Proposed Assessment during the BOE hearing process, and the attorney concluded that Mr. Jin no longer had an outstanding balance for the tax year 2007 to the State of California (click here to see the decision).

Paul Ballmer Crushes The California Franchise Tax Board For $337,000!!!

March 29, 2001, Los Angeles, Paul Ballmer, a graduate of Freedom Law School and a determined and tenacious Freedom Fighter, won a unanimous JURY VERDICT against the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). The FTB, probably the biggest, most aggressive, arbitrary, and oppressive of all Income Tax Agencies in America (far worse than the IRS), owed Paul Ballmer $250,000 in damages, as well as attorney's fees and expenses for violating the law and Mr. Ballmer's privacy rights.

On July 20, 2001, the State of California issued a check for $337,122.53 to pay the judgment. (See actual copy of the victory check below.)

Mr. Ballmer sued the FTB under the Information Practices Act (IPA) because of the FTB's refusal to correct the erroneous records on Mr. Ballmer. The IPA is the State of California's information privacy laws. These laws require the FTB to maintain ONLY records that are “personal, relevant and necessary” and to the maximum extent possible, "accurate, relevant, timely and complete." In addition, this series of laws require the FTB to “designate an employee to be responsible for ensuring that the agency complies with all of the provisions” of these laws. The FTB ROUTINELY violates every one of the above-mentioned laws and more.

Moreover, the FTB was and is required to “establish appropriate and reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards to ensure compliance with the provisions” of the IPA laws. However, the FTB adamantly refused to do so, despite repeated administrative attempts by Mr. Ballmer asking the FTB to follow the law. It took Mr. Ballmer 9 years of letter writing, filing a lawsuit, losing in court, and finally a reversal in the Court of Appeals to deliver the crushing blow to the GOLIATH FTB.

Due to Mr. Ballmer's determined pursuit of the lawless FTB, his records were somehow “DESTROYED” and the two illegal tax liens were “mysteriously” removed. Coincidence? Or maybe someone with the FTB figured out they were messing with the wrong guy!

The FTB remains the most aggressive, arbitrary, and lawless income tax agency in America. Apparently, they have not learned to follow their own laws. At present, Freedom Law School's students have several lawsuits pending against the FTB for violations of a variety of laws. Our goal is to force the FTB to follow the law and stop the harassment of law-abiding Americans.