Step 2. Stop filing income tax forms

Do you think that filing a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap is the safest, smartest way

to keep the IRS from hurting you? 

Your odds of being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING are higher than you going to prison for not filing!

Odds of a prison sentence for failure to file tax return charges: One in 2.5 Million*

Odds of being struck by lightning: One in 1.2 Million**


Dear American citizen,

What actions are most likely to land you in prison on income tax charges? Here are the 3 easy steps:

  1. File a Form 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap, UNDER PENALTIES OF PERJURY.

2. Pay what you think you owe on it.

3. Wait for the IRS to pick on your 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap form, disagree with your confession, and charge you criminally.


US Tax Court Judge Imprisoned for Filing Nine Years of 1040 Tax Confession Trap Forms!

The 3 Easy Steps listed above are exactly the steps former U.S. Tax Court Judge Diane Kroupa took. She went to prison for religiously filing and paying her 1040 forms every year. Yet when the IRS came after her, Judge Kroupa did not even try to put up a defense and go to trial, but instead pled guilty to reduce her sentence to "only" 34 months.


For the Forbes news article on Judge Kroupa's conviction, CLICK HERE.

For the CBS Local TV news story, CLICK HERE.

Avoid the same fate as Judge Kroupa, watch this short video below!

 If like Judge Kroupa, you file 1040 income tax 'confession' trap forms,
our chances of going to prison are over 10 times higher than if you do not file!


Did you know that in 1998 the IRS estimated that there were 63 Million Americans who did not file income Tax Confession Trap forms?

How come there are not 63 million non-filers in prison?

Instead, only about 100 non-filers are sent to prison each year!

And for those who PAY to have their CONFESSION trap forms filed for them:

Before you file, ask these questions of your bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, Enrolled Agent, tax attorney, etc. who you are PAYING to aid you in your confession to the IRS:

Your odds of being sent to prison for FILING are 8 times higher, and your odds of being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING in any given year are 2 times higher, than your odds of being sent to prison for NOT filing 1040 tax confession trap forms.

Due to the incarceration rate trending downward quickly before the IRS stopped publishing that data and removed it from their website, and also because the IRS surely used their best cases for their "Example List", the odds we have calculated of a non-filer being sentenced to prison in any given year are probably even lower than stated.

* Number of US "non-filers" incarcerated in most recent year known, from IRS statistics: 159 incarcerated in 2016 (a rate that had been trending downward in previous years).

The IRS removed this information from their website. Why do you think they did that? Are they trying to hide the fact that they mostly are only able to convict 1040 filers? And if you read through the IRS "Examples of Non-filer Investigations - Fiscal Year 2017" list of those sentenced to prison, you will see that more than 80% were convicted primarily for the taxes they did file, or because they committed a major fraud which made their not filing a side issue.

In the above Example list, the average number of tax years not filed by those few who were actually non-filers was between 9 and 10 years. Coincidentally, this is exactly the number of filed years involved in Judge Kroupa’s conviction. Even though the average conviction is for 9 years of tax returns, for a fair comparison with the odds of being struck by lightning in any given year, we are using the odds of a non-filer being sentenced in any given year.

According to the 1998 IRS letter shown at, which is the most recent estimate by the IRS, there were 63 million non-filers in 1996, when the US population was estimated to be 268,335,008. ( Since the population in 2016 was estimated to be 323,015,991 (, a proportional number of non-filers would have increased to about 75,838,064. (63,000,000 / 268,335,008 x 323,015,991 = 75,838,064)

75,838,064 estimated non-filers for 2016 tax year, divided by 30‬ incarcerated non-filers (159 convictions the IRS said were "non-filers" times 0.1875 rate of "non-filer" convictions in example list actually due to not filing) = One in 2,527,935 odds a NON-FILER of 1040 income tax confession trap forms was sentenced to prison in 2016.

**Odds of getting struck by lightning in the US in any given year according to the National Weather Service Storm Data is One in 1,222,000: