The IRS is mostly Bluff!

...and YOU, the average American, have fallen prey to IRS deception!
Watch these incredible videos! Learn to call the IRS's bluffs!

The IRS is mostly bluff!
Call the IRS's BLUFF and be free of Income Taxes! 

In this presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School, exposes the little mouse that hides behind the scary lion’s mask.

Why give your power away by letting the IRS bluff you into filing 1040 income tax forms?

You have more power against the IRS than you realize! In this presentation, Peymon Mottahedeh, Founder and President of Freedom Law School, shows how the IRS uses bluff to deceive you into filing 1040 income tax confession forms. The IRS is extremely weak and powerless to come after non-filers. What power the IRS has over your mind, life and wallet are created by the media and the so-called ‘tax experts’, who constantly drum into your head that to be ‘safe’ you should file 1040 income tax confessions forms.

Two former IRS Commissioners, Fred Goldberg and Charles Rossotti, prove the IRS is 99% bluff; the IRS is absolutely reliant on YOU, voluntarily agreeing to be a tax slave by filing a 1040 Income Tax Confession forms and admit you owe IRS $$$$:

"What’s critical here is that substantially all of the revenue increase does not come from IRS audits,
it comes from taxpayers getting it right when they file their returns.'"

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And let us not forget what former U.S. Senator Henry Bellmon said regarding the IRS:

"In a recent conversation with an official of the IRS, I was amazed when he told me,
'If the taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff,
the entire system will collapse!!!'"


Here's a screenshot of an admission in the IRS's own Manual that echoes Senator Bellmon's report. The IRS is built on a
System of Beliefs, NOT on the Law as written, nor on the reality of IRS misapplication of the law.

Why the IRS cannot simply STEAL YOUR STUFF if you know how to challenge them!

The IRS must follow certain rules and regulations, and must first give you the chance for a hearing or trial of some sort before stealing your property. Sounds too good to be true? Watch the video for more details on how you can take control back!