Questions Patriots Frequently Ask Us:

Q.) Why does Freedom Law School only accept cash or cryptocurrency for tuition payments?

A.) The US Supreme Court ruled in 1976 that the American people have “no expectation of [financial] privacy” when using banks and bank instruments to conduct financial affairs. The court also concluded that the American People give up their right to financial privacy “voluntarily” when they use banks. For more information, see our blog article "U.S. Supreme Court says DO NOT USE BANKS, to protect financial privacy".

Q.) Will I go to prison for not filing 1040 income tax confession trap forms?

A.) Surprisingly, per IRS' own numbers, you are much more likely to be convicted of a "tax crime" if you file 1040 income tax confession trap forms. See IRS' numbers here:  For example, in 2015 3,052 FILERS were convicted, whereas only 167 NON-FILERS were convicted.

Q.) If there is no law requiring the average American to file and pay income tax, why did the late-great patriot Irwin Schiff go to prison?

A.) Irwin Schiff was a very honorable patriot to be commended for his work in the Tax-Honesty and Freedom Movements.  Irwin however made mistakes and refused to accept advice from Peymon and others.  While Irwin was technically 100% correct on the fact that there is no law requiring the average American to file and pay income taxes, he did not follow PROCEDURES to protect himself better from the CORRUPT DEEP STATE court systems.  Freedom law school provides tools necessary to beat the DEEP STATE in court.  Simply put, while technically correct in his legal stance, Irwin was a political prisoner who refused to accept advice/feedback from others.

Q.) Why did Wesley Snipes go to prison for tax crimes?

A.) Wesley Snipes relied on something we warn you about at Freedom Law School: FAKE PATRIOT MYTHOLOGY.  Wesley Snipes did not get a prison sentence from following Freedom Law School's advice.  He relied on the false advice of Eddie Kahn and mailed in a fake, phony, fraudulent receipt to the IRS for taxes he owed, expecting a refund.  However, the DEEP STATE used his conviction to FRIGHTEN THE SHEEP away from "tax protester" arguments.

Q.) Can I claim sovereign citizenship, or does using a ZIP code make me a part of the District of Columbia?  Does my name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS refer to my straw man?  Am I out of the federal government's jurisdiction?

A.) These theories are what Freedom Law School refers to as "BASELESS PATRIOT MYTHOLOGIES."  With the ease of internet communications, these baseless patriot mythologies spread like weeds, offering baseless fantasy solutions to common Freedom and Tax Honesty Movement issues.  They sound great, but in reality do not work. Unfortunately, in dealing with the corrupt IRS and US Government, there are no "silver bullet" miracle cures.

Q.) I do not want to get in touch with the IRS.  I do not want the IRS to know where I live. Can I NOT submit a change of address form to the IRS?

A.) Unfortunately, due to regulations you MUST submit your current address (can be a PO box/private mailbox) to the IRS.  The purpose of keeping your address current is to enable you to legally combat actions the IRS may take against you.  If you do not, the IRS can claim, for example, that they sent you collections documents yet you never responded refuting their collections efforts.