Courses and Packages

Each package listed below was created to cover everyone's
individual situation and need; starting with the
Restore Freedom Plan!

Restore Freedom Plan (IRS Peace-of-Mind Insurance)

Freedom Law School will write UNLIMITED correct responses to ALL the IRS and state tax agency letters you receive and UNLIMITED CONSULTATION at a FIXED annual membership fee. You also get the Beginner's Freedom Package.

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Simple Freedom Package

Is for you, if you wish to Live Free Now and take charge of your life! This course provides you with all the tools to live FREE of Oppressive Taxation and protect yourself and your family while staying in the driver's seat. Here is a freedom package for those individuals eager to learn how to take control of their Freedom. I have designed this package just for you.

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Beginner's Freedom Package

Designed to give you a great start on your way to Total Freedom. The Beginner's Freedom Package contains the basics in education that we should have learned in High School through a more intense college education in Freedom and defending your Rights. This course is suitable for adults, teenagers, and especially homeschoolers!

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Quick Start Freedom Package

Quick Start Freedom Package is best when you are on a very low freedom budget. When you want to learn about the Law, your Rights, IRS, and Court Procedures, but need a little immediate attention to help with your immediate Tax, Justice or Freedom issues? This package is a great way to get started with the help and education you need.

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A Practical Road to Freedom From Oppressive Taxation and Control - Level 1

A Course of Action for those who are committed to Living a Free Life! This package contains 9 Classes on Law and Procedures that will empower you to start living free today! (Includes 90 Day Money Back Guarantee)

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Exposing IRS Fraud and Providing Real Solutions!

In this course we walk you through the IRS tactics to promote fear and perpetuate lies, THEN we provide you with solutions to combat and overcome their bureaucratic tyranny!

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How To Buy A Home With No Tax Return, No SSN, No Credit, No Bank Loan Now!

Do you want to buy a home but you don't think you can? Peymon Mottahedeh, the President of Freedom Law School will teach you what you need to know so that you can buy your own home without a tax return or a large down payment!

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Other Freedom Courses

Freedom Law School offers 8 other courses in Law and Procedure. These courses are more specialized and require the basics in the Level One Course to fully integrate. As well as Freedom Packages of Education that may interest you. To find out about these courses and packages, click here.

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