Level 1 Course: A Practical Road to Freedom

From Oppressive Taxation and Control

A MUST HAVE educational course for any
Freedom-Seeking AMERICAN, like YOU!

A Practical Road to Freedom from Oppressive Taxation and Control is the best source of education of its kind. It is a course that every American should take to learn about their right, the court system, and the government that runs them!

This comprehensive course includes (9) audio classes available to stream to any computer, smart phone or tablet as well as printable course materials you will want as you progress through the course!

Freedom Law School is so confident in this course that we also include a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, which we will extend if you call and ask us!

Start educating yourself and live a more free life for only $400!

Class #1 – Introduction To Law, Freedom And Government

Discover where law, your rights, where the government came from & evolved. Why Natural & Common Law will always be supreme against legislature’s attempts to deny your rights.

Class #2 – Introduction To Types Of Courts & Income Tax

Government and court structure in America at all levels, & what jurisdiction each of them exercise. What the income tax is really all about. Separating fact from fiction (distinguish law from “patriot beliefs”).

Class #3 – Introduction To The Law Library

Learn what exactly a law book & the law library are. What a court cite is. Learn how to find any law book or court case you are looking for.

Class #4 – How To Use A Law Library

How to use a law library: A hands-on class at the law library. Learn how to find what you are looking for in a law library. This class includes a tour of the law library. Now you can verify the correctness of any court cite given to you.

Class #5 – Effective Responses To Harassing Government Letters

How to lay a strong winning foundation when first contacted by Gov’t agencies & win by taking the right steps!

Class #6 – How To Read & Write Effective Court Documents

What are the key elements of a proper legal brief? Recognize proper briefs from poor ones. How to win traffic tickets.

Class #7 – Basic Trial Procedures

Learn the step-by-step procedures of court. How to ask questions & put the burden of proof back on the Government. Learn to use reason & logic in law with the correct procedures. This is a very important area of which most “patriots” lack knowledge.

Class #8 – Mock Court

Practice with your teachers and friends what you have learned so far before you ever end up in court. Learn how to handle yourself in a court of law. How does the judge think as opposed to a typical patriot? Reality vs. Wishful Thinking is emphasized.

Class #9 – Techniques & Strategies For Free Living

Learn about private banking, working for others without withholding of taxes, living & working without a slave tracking (Social Security #), right to travel, trusts, & how to regain privacy. Introduction to other freedom sources & more.

This course is the best course of its kind and can be yours to have and review as many times as needed for Only $400 and includes a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Also, any money you put towards the Level 1 course or any package that includes the Level 1 course (such as the Quick Start Freedom Package or the Beginners Freedom Package) can later be allocated to your Simple or Royal Freedom Package.

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