Beginner’s Freedom Package

Beginner's Freedom Package

The BEST foundation package you will find ANYWHERE
to educate yourself about American rights and freedoms!

The Beginner's Freedom Package consists of three key educational courses, several sets of Redress of Grievance Petitions to Congress, eight additional educational materials, and a 1-hour one-on-one consultation.

1) Three Key Educational Courses regarding freedom, law, your rights, your money and the income tax:

a) A Practical Road to Freedom From Oppressive Taxation and Control - Level 1 Course is a comprehensive 21 hour course in law regarding your legal rights, tax law, administrative law, and privacy, and procedures to protect your rights, freedom and property. Includes over 150 pages of supporting paperwork. $400 value

b) Exposing IRS Fraud and Providing Real Solutions is a 4 hour course that provides some of the best research and insights on how the Federal Income Tax scam was forced onto the American people. Take the course and learn how you can live free of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and be free of this scam by following the law as written by congress. $200 value

c) Class on the U.S. Constitution by Freedom Law School is a 6 hour class that will teach you the true meaning and purpose of the U.S. Constitution, Freedom, Law, Your Rights, and the Income Tax. $200 value

2) Several Redress of Grievance Petitions to your three Congress members, to stop the IRS from:

a) Misapplying the individual income tax

b) Wrongfully withholding from workers' paychecks

c) Wrongful withholding of FICA taxes (OASDI or "Social Security" and Hospital Insurance or "Medicare")

These letters also confront the IRS tactics used to deceive American employers and businesses into sending incorrect W-2 and 1099 forms to the IRS about Americans who don't owe federal income taxes in the first place.
$300 value

3) Additional Materials have been included to help cement your foundation of understanding regarding the law, your rights and freedom:

a) The Law by Fredric Bastiat - on CD, read by Ed Griffin. This describes the only true purpose and legitimate powers of any government; a blueprint for a just society which we all inherently seek and respect. FREE!

b) How to use the Law Library by Halt. Easy to read and use, this book teaches the average person how to look up and verify the correctness of any legal theory for themselves. Discover for yourself whether Joe Banister, Freedom Law School, the government, or anyone else is telling you the truth or lies. $15 value

c) No Checks, by Dr. Robert Clarkson; a plan for real financial privacy. The ONLY book on how to live practically in the 21st Century without the use of banks, which by law rob us of our financial privacy. $10 value

d) America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo. This DVD will give you a great overview of how the average American's personal liberties, privacy, and financial well-being have been illegally under attack by the privately controlled Federal Reserve Banks, the IRS, and the plans for a total surveillance, slave society. $10 value

e) DVD and Report of Joe Banister on the illegality of the Federal Income Tax.

f) C-SPAN debate DVD on the Income Tax Fraud & Deceit, put together by We the People Foundation.

g) USA TODAY ads about the illegality of the Federal Income Tax by We the People Foundation.

h) Speech given by Bob Schulz, Chairman of We the People Foundation,  and their story of how the Federal Government has evaded EVERY opportunity to show us the legality of the Federal Income Tax.

4) A 1-Hour consultation with President and Founder of Freedom Law School, Peymon Mottahedeh. First you will do a separate, Free, 15-minute pre-consultation with one of Freedom Law School's paralegals to organize your case information for your 1-hour consultation with Peymon. $300 value

Everything included in the BFP has a combined value of $1,500!

Freedom Law School offers the
Beginner's Freedom Package for Only $900,
Saving You $600!


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