Employer Freedom Plan

Stop voluntarily supporting the Washington D.C. Swamp!

Freedom Law School can help you by freeing your business of

  • ALL federal payroll taxes for you and your employees
  • ALL federal income tax withholding from your employees, and
  • ALL federal unemployment tax

Those of you who have your own business and have employees, Freedom Law School can help you free your business of all withholding of federal income and payroll taxes, as long as your company or your employees are not from Washington, D.C., with Freedom Law School's Employer Freedom Plan (EFP).

Whether your company is organized as a sole proprietor, LLC, Trust, Corporation or otherwise, you can:

  • Pay your employees the 7.65% of their wages you are currently deducting from their pay for federal payroll taxes
  • Keep the matching 7.65% of all company wages you are currently paying for federal payroll taxes
  • Save your employees up to 30% of their paycheck you are currently withholding from their pay and sending to the U.S. Treasury
  • Save yourself the need for and expense of an accountant or CPA
  • Simplify your payroll system and rid yourself of unnecessary paperwork
  • Stop putting the rope around your neck when you file IRS income tax confession forms
  • Create a happier, more prosperous workforce who appreciate your stand for freedom, and have a higher quality life with better financial stability
  • Take pride in not supporting the D.C. Swamp that is only funded to destroy you
  • Support the restoration and freedom of America and its people, including you!


Let's explore these concepts a little deeper with PROOF.

1) Save your company and your employees the 15.3% of wages that your company legally never owed, making your company much more competitive against your competition, especially against bigger, "in-the-system" competitors who fund and benefit from the D.C. Swamp by their political campaign donations.

See these videos regarding social security and why they do not apply to your wages or your employees wages:

Below is a short summary video of how we can work towards stopping the social security tax!

For the more detailed explanation of why we are not required to pay social security tax via our payroll, view this video:

Also see the petitions to Congress which are listed at bottom of this page https://livefreenow.org/petitions/ which are based on US Government legal websites that support this statement.

2) Save your employees up to 30% of their paycheck for withholding of federal income taxes that they never owed in the first place.

Watch this short but informative playlist that covers the main points of why we are

not required to file and pay income taxes:

This in-depth playlist is a longer and more detailed version of why and how we are

not required to file and pay income taxes:

3) Save your company the federal unemployment tax that you never owed in the first place. 

4) Save yourself the need and expense of an accountant or CPA that gets paid to assist the IRS in stealing the money of you and your employees to fund the Washington D.C. Swamp.

5) Simplify your payroll system and rid yourself of unneeded tax paperwork, it's hassles and inherent risks.

6) Stop putting the rope around your neck for filing IRS tax forms that do not apply to you under oath (penalty of perjury) that facilitates IRS coming after you for money or worse, CRIMINALLY to put you away in Club Fed:

7) Create a far more happy, loyal, and prosperous workforce that loves and appreciates your stand for freedom and better lives for your employees as well as providing them a solid, lawful defense against IRS robbery, slavery and attacks

8) Be proud that you are no longer voluntarily supporting the Washington D.C. criminal D.C. swamp that is working to further destroy you, your family and America and instead, you are supporting the restoration of freedom and prosperity for you, your family and American People, as John Hancock and the rest of America's Founding Father's did.

See https://mises.org/library/founding-fathers-smugglers-tax-evaders-and-traitors.

You and your employees will:

1) Read and mail petitions to Congress (your 3 federal lawmakers) asking them to show you if your legal position on not having to pay federal income taxes is wrong, or if you are right, stop the Washington D.C. Swamp from deliberately deceiving, robbing and enslaving American people through federal taxes that they do not owe

2) Benefit from unlimited consultation, support and help with any and all federal income or payroll tax related issues (civil and criminal) and if needed, retain CPA and attorneys to represent you and your employees from any and all IRS attacks. Your employees will have this benefit ONLY as long as they are working for YOU or YOUR company. If they leave your company, they will be encouraged to get their own Restore Freedom Plan membership so that they can get the above benefits that previously was available to them through working for your company.

To be an Employer Freedom Plan member you:

1) are the most responsible person in your company who makes the final decisions at your company


2) are a Restore Freedom Plan member yourself or intend to sign up as one as the primary financial head of the company

3) pay the EFP annual membership dues of 5% of your company's annual payroll. These dues may be paid annually or quarterly.

To view the agreement and application for the EFP click here:

Examples of how this plan saves you and your employees, substantially!

Example A - Say your company has 10 employees making wages of $40,000 a year. With a 25% tax rate, you and EACH employee are missing out on $10,000 a year. If you put together the sum of all 10 of your employees withholding, $100,000 a year from your business is going to fund the D.C. SWAMP!

With the Employer Freedom Plan breakdown, you could have complete peace of mind, for only $2,000 annually per employee, which is $20,000 total per year, to cover you and your employees. 


Example B - But what if you have 100 employees making $60,000 a year? Putting your employees in the 30% tax bracket, $18,000 PER EMPLOYEE goes, again, to the swamp! Cumulatively, that's $1,800,000 annually put from your business right into the pockets of our enemies.

With the Employer Freedom Plan, you would be looking at $3,000 per employee, and factoring in all 100 employees, $300,000 annually for full coverage and protection. What a significant difference, right? 


Example C - Now, let's say you have 1000 employees making $80,000 a year, in the 35% bracket. $28,000 a year, per employee, is headed to the IRS! That's $28 million dollars from your business per year, signed, sealed and delivered to the government, to keep our country in the mess that it is in.

With Freedom Law School, keep everybody free and happy and work towards prosperity for America, by only paying $4,000 per employee. With all 1,000 employees, that's $4 Million. Twenty-four million dollars saved. Amazing!


Example D - How about 10,000 employees making $100,000 a year? This puts you into the 40% tax bracket, leaving the withholding per employee at $40,000, meaning your business collectively hands over $400 Million in taxes.

What if that number could look more like $5,000 per employee, which is $50 million total annually, instead? Good news, it can! Freedom Law School has your back with the Employer Freedom Plan. 

Don't see an example that matches your number of employees and salary?

Call Freedom Law School at 813-444-4800 and we will help you break down the numbers for your business needs.