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Exposing IRS Fraud and
Providing Real Solutions!

Thank you for checking out our course on Exposing IRS Fraud and Providing Real Solutions! Below you will find the table of contents regarding the topics that are presented in this course. To purchase this course, please scroll to the bottom of the page, then click the “Get Started Now” button to view and print out a course order form; details for payment are included on the form!

  • Introduction To The Matrix of Lies
  • Course Overview
  • Is filing 1040 Income Tax Confession Forms the “Safe Thing To Do?”
  • Are your wages/salaries taxable income for which you are required to file and pay income tax?
  • Is your employer required to withhold money from your paycheck and send it to the IRS?
  • Am I required to be 1099’d or should I 1099 others?
  • Does the “United States” refer to the 50 states in Federal Tax Law?
  • Are you required to pay Social Security Taxes? Is your employer required to withhold Social Security Taxes from your paycheck?
  • Patriot Mythologies: What are they and how are they dangerous to your freedom and wealth?
  • Progression of letter the IRS sends out and when to respond.
  • Solutions: How to free yourself from IRS enslavement!

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Exposing IRS FRAUD and
Providing REAL Solutions!

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