Restore Freedom Plan Agreement and Application

Please read this document slowly and carefully.
Never agree to or sign documents you do not understand!

If you do not fully understand the meaning of each word, make sure that you either:

1. Look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary,

2. Ask an intelligent, educated language expert, or

3. Call Freedom Law School to get a complete and correct understanding of the benefits your membership provides you, so that you know what your membership is about.

Purpose: The purpose of the Restore Freedom Plan and its membership is to join hands as Americans in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America, and to follow the letter and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as written and designed by America’s founding Fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.

After reviewing the full agreement in detail, you can download and print the Agreement and Application


Freedom Law School (FLS) agrees to provide to the purchaser (FLS Student) of the Restore Freedom Plan (RFP), the following:

1. A compilation of educational materials on freedom, justice, law, and procedure, which will assist the FLS Student in thoroughly understanding their protected rights and the proper method of asserting and defending said rights.

2. A series of Petitions to Congress (PTC’s) seeking to correct the deception, misapplication, and undue collection of US income taxes by government renegades against the People of the 50 United States who have no income “effectively connected to the conduct of” the performance of  functions of federal government offices.” These PTC’s and highlighted attachments are based on and taken directly from official federal government sources, such as the Internal Revenue Code from the Office of Law Revision Counsel of the US House of Representatives at, the official US Supreme Court majority or unanimous opinions recorded in the United States Reports from the Library of Congress at, and Treasury Regulations from the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office (GPO) at FLS will certify the mailing and confirm the delivery of your signed petitions to the US Representative for the district of your residential address and the two US Senators representing your state. FLS will also file your signed documents in our archives for use as needed in correspondence with your employer or contracting parties, or your legal defense.

3. Unlimited consultation with one of Freedom Law School’s trained volunteers and/or Peymon Mottahedeh (Peymon), founder and president as needed. If a trained volunteer is not able to answer your question or address your concern fully and confidently, then they will set a consultation appointment with Peymon for you. The FLS volunteer will ask questions and get all the relevant documents from you before your consultation with Peymon. FLS trained volunteers have many years of experience in business and taxes. A partner is often able to spend more time with you than Peymon can, and usually consults with Peymon afterward to verify that their response was accurate.  This is an important part of the building up of Freedom Law School’s knowledge base and succession plan. However, if you are ever unsure that your question was answered correctly or that your concern was addressed in the best possible way, you can always schedule a consultation directly with Peymon, who has over 25 years’ experience assisting FLS Students with their income tax and freedom law-related issues, and even more years of experience with related financial, business, real estate, and legal issues.

4. Membership in a Criminal Legal Defense Fund (CLDF), the purpose of which is the protection of its members from criminal charges illegally levied by ‘government renegades’. Government renegades are principal officers at the higher levels of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ), supported by certain federal judges. Membership in the CLDF is automatic when the member has read, understood, signed, and mailed all PTC’s before or at the same time as the LDF member has stopped filing IRS Form 1040 US income tax “confession” forms. FLS will pay any and all legal fees needed to defend the LDF member from US or state income tax agency charges for not having filed or paid US or state income taxes.

5. Membership in our Tax Defense Program, in which you receive full (unlimited) evaluation, consultation, and response to any income tax related issues, including but not limited to IRS, state, employment, contract work, and any income tax authorities at the Federal, State, and local levels, such as the U.S. Tax Court and tax refund lawsuits. The methods and strategies used for the FLS Student are selected by FLS and the FLS Student to best suit the particular facts and circumstances of the FLS Student.

6. A portion of the FLS Student’s funds will be contributed to the American Justice Foundation (AJF) in order to assist in instituting and supporting lawsuits, legal actions, and public education campaigns that can bring about the most effective actions and the greatest amount of freedom, justice and honest government back to the American People.

Restore Freedom Plan Membership Prices

The current price of the RFP is $9,900 for the first year and $6,000 for each year thereafter. RFP price includes spouse at no additional cost. 

Due to the U.S. Government legally forcing us to accept papers called Federal Reserve Notes, which the privately-owned banks and Federal Reserve banks have been authorized to create out of thin air to the detriment of the rest of us, these prices are subject to change, as inflation of the money supply may dictate.

You May Qualify for a Scholarship!

As stated above, “The purpose of the Restore Freedom Plan and its membership is to join hands as Americans in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America, and to follow the letter and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as written and designed by America’s founding Fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.”

Freedom Law School has created the Restore Freedom Plan scholarship to allow low-income Americans* the opportunity to participate in the Restore Freedom Plan and our common goal of restoring freedom and prosperity to all Americans.

The amount of the scholarship depends on your total financial picture. Please fill in the application below and round everything to the nearest $5,000. We will take your word, and you are not required to sign the application under penalties of perjury (unlike IRS Form 1040 income tax ‘confessions’ that must be signed under penalties of perjury).

After your first year, however, you may be asked by Freedom Law School in no more than one-year intervals about any changes to your financial status, in which case a change in your annual membership renewal rate may be required.

We rely on your truthfulness and honesty to come up with an appropriate scholarship to allow you to participate in our plan to restore freedom and prosperity to all Americans, while we protect you from the deception, slavery and robbery of the IRS (‘It’s Really Slavery’), in the best way possible.

We hope that everyone who is willing to participate in our plan to restore freedom and prosperity to all Americans will be honest and upright with us. If a situation comes up with the IRS or a state tax agency that shows you were not forthright or truthful about your financial condition, your membership in the Tax Defense fund and the Criminal Defense fund will be suspended and your membership will be reduced to only unlimited consultation.

*As a rule of thumb, “low-income Americans” generally means self-employed singles who make less than $40,000 per year, single employees who make less than $60,000 per year, married, self-employed couples who make less than $60,000 per year, or married employee couples who make less than $80,000 per year.


FLS realizes that not everyone is able to pay their first-year fee of RFP membership in full immediately. To allow more people to receive the benefits of the RFP, FLS allows some members to join the RFP with a payment plan.

In addition to the scholarship option, those currently earning less than $100,000 per year may pay as little as $1,500 down to join the RFP, if the remaining balance is paid off with a minimum of $1,050 per month payments for 8 months.  You have the choice and control over how much more than $1,500 you wish to put down and how soon you are going to make payments to pay off your first year of RFP membership, as long as you have paid your balance within 8 months.

Here is the list of which parts of the RFP program you will get, based on how much you have paid so far toward your RFP membership. The following payment plan example is for the first year of RFP membership:

$1,500 gets you:

  • Petitions to Congress mailed, tracked, and filed for you, addressed to all three of your Congress members (the US Representative for your district and the two US Senators for your state) petitioning Congress for the ending of Individual Income Taxes, Withholding, Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, Form 1099 information reporting, and Self Employment taxes;
  • All educational materials listed and included in the Beginner’s Freedom Package (BFP);
  • 3 hours of private consultation with Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School.
  • You get the 7 Year $1,000,000 Guarantee protection from the IRS stealing your money. (See the 7 Year $1,000,000 Guarantee listed below for details.)

$3,000 gets you:

The above, plus unlimited consultation with Peymon Mottahedeh, President of Freedom Law School.

$6,000 gets you:

The above and full membership in the Criminal Legal Defense Fund, where you are fully protected from the IRS’s unlawful attempts to criminally prosecute you. The IRS goes after people to put them in prison, which is extremely rare. This is the ‘criminal’ tax process.

No extra or hourly charges will be paid by you, whatsoever in case the IRS and the US Department of [In]Justice renegades decide to try to put you in federal prison for US income tax-related issues related to not having filed and paid US Income Taxes that are covered in our Petitions to Congress. All attorney and paralegal charges will be paid by FLS, so long as you simply keep up your annual RFP membership fees. (See earlier mentioned exceptions for pre-existing conditions.)

$9,900 gets you:

In addition to all of the above, when fully paid you will automatically receive membership in the Tax Defense Program (money-related), where any and all letters to the IRS, state income tax agencies, and third parties about US income taxes, payroll taxes, state income tax, and US income tax forms will be written for you.

When the IRS wants to steal your money from your bank account, salary, wages, commissions, home, et cetera, this stealing of your money is the ‘civil’ tax process. The Tax Defense Program pays for any and all income tax-related letters and paperwork that may need to be written, mailed or filed by you to keep the IRS or state income tax agency thieves from stealing your money. These letters and forms will be written for you, at no hourly or extra charges whatsoever, for you to properly mail or file with the appropriate government office or any third party (bank, employer, contractor, et cetera).

All are strongly encouraged to pay the full amount of their first year of RFP membership upfront, especially those earning six figures, in order to immediately receive the full benefits of the RFP. However, if you earned less than $200,000 in the previous twelve months, you may pay a minimum of $3,100 down and at least $1,700 per month for 4 months.

Limitations & Conditions

1. Due to the fact that a citizen puts the burden of proof on oneself in any civil (money-related/non-criminal) tax proceeding with the IRS or state income tax agencies by signing forms under “penalty of perjury”, memberships in the Legal Defense Fund and Tax Defense Program are not available for those years in which the student has signed any Income Tax ‘confession’ forms (returns) with the government at either the federal, state, or local level, unless the following conditions are met by the member:

    • a notarized copy of any tax returns the individual has filed with the IRS or the state tax agency, along with a notarized copy of the receipts, canceled check or other documents that prove the existence and accuracy of the expenses and deductions the individual has claimed on his tax returns, must be delivered to FLS within 60 days after signing up for a membership or 60 days after the signing of such returns, whichever is earlier.
    • a list of witnesses who can testify to the existence and accuracy of the claimed expenses, credits, allowances, or deductions, with address and phone number of the witness for all items of expense and deduction which are over $10. This list shall be updated every 12 months for ten years after the date of filing of the tax returns. If the FLS Student has been under a criminal summons, indictment and/or arraignment before joining FLS, the FLS Student will have to pay extra funds for such defense.

2. Membership in the Criminal Legal Defense Fund is limited to criminal charges:

    • for filing a fraudulent W4 form;
    • alleging failure to file returns (federal, state, or local) for years in which the purchaser filed no federal, state, or local income tax returns of any kind; or
    • Tax evasion charges under 26 USC 7201 for filers and non-filers.

      At the first indication of criminal investigation by the government as it pertains to the criminal tax charges, claims on the Criminal Legal Defense Fund must be sent to the Primary Administrator, Peymon Mottahedeh, at Freedom Law School’s address and phone number. Membership in the Criminal Legal Defense Fund does not have a waiting period. No one is rejected from membership, but those with pre-existing conditions and criminal charges may need to pay additional fees if they wish FLS to handle their pre-existing situation. Call us for more details about your situation.

3. However, if the IRS or state income tax agency has claimed in writing that the FLS Student owes money, or has summoned the FLS Student or a third party about the FLS Student, or has threatened to take money or property from the FLS Student, the FLS Student will need to pay FLS extra for the work associated with challenging those IRS or state income tax agency’s claim or threats. The FLS Student must immediately forward to FLS for review a copy of all IRS, state or local income tax agency correspondence received, so that FLS can begin formulating a proper response.


The Freedom Opportunity Plan is designed to help you pay for your RFP membership and renewals by referring others to also become RFP members, and to provide you an opportunity to make a great part-time income, or become full time financially independent, by simply helping others educate themselves about the Government Renegades misapplication of the US Income Tax and to join the RFP and our combined efforts to stop these Government Renegades from violating and misapplying the US Income Tax law on Americans in the 50 States who do not perform the functions of a Federal Public Office.

As soon as you join the RFP, even with a payment plan, you are qualified to receive 50% of the first year of RFP membership (or any FLS course or course package) for someone who you refer to FLS. For a regular RFP membership, that is half of $9,900, which is $4,950. But we will round that up and send you $5,000 in cash or cryptocurrency, tax-free![If you prefer cryptocurrency, the type of cryptocurrency (decided by FLS, which uses the most common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin) will be paid to you based on the equivalent current value of the US “Dollar” (Federal Reserve Note, or “FRN”).]

For example, if you pay $1,500 down for an RFP regular (age 35 and over) membership, and you refer two other regular RFP members who pay in full, your referral commissions are $5,000 x 2 = $10,000. Now you have not only paid your own $9,900 RFP membership in full, but you will also receive $1,600 cash mailed to you or applied as a credit toward your next year’s RFP membership renewal (or sent in cryptocurrency if you prefer and if your referral paid in cryptocurrency).

Refer two more RFP regular (age 35 and over) memberships and you get the $10,000 cash commissions mailed to you in $100 blue or green FRNs (or sent in cryptocurrency if you prefer and if your referral paid in cryptocurrency). There is no limit on the number of RFP referrals that you may make and how much you can earn. The only limit is whatever limit you place on yourself and on your activities to share your love of truth and freedom and the nature of the Income Tax Deception with other Americans.

7 Year, $1,000,000 guarantee

As an RFP member, if or when you lawfully and correctly stop filing 1040 Income Tax ‘confession’ forms as directed by FLS, and follow FLS’ specifications on all the legal tax letters and responses that you need to sign and mail, Freedom Law School will provide the following 7 Year $1,000,000 Guarantee:

For the tax year on which you would next have normally filed a 1040 Income Tax Confession form, FLS guarantees that the IRS, for seven years from the due date, will NOT be able to issue a Notice of Levy on your bank account, pay, commission, or other third-party account, ordering the third party to “seize” or take your property for US income taxes that the IRS may claim you owe (AKA for every year that you are an enrolled student, this guarantee applies, unless otherwise stated). 

Nor will the IRS within that seven years be able to take your home, automobile, money market, mutual fund, 401(k), IRA or other stock market account, nor any other asset that you may own.

If the IRS were to take your property or funds within the seven years, FLS would reimburse you up to $1,000,000.


The 7 Year $1,000,000 Guarantee does not cover:

1. IRS orders to “payees” such as banks or stockbrokers with which you have accounts, to steal part of your interest or dividends (IRS’s backup withholding “C” program);

2. Jeopardy assessments under IRC Section 6861, which are extremely rare and happen only when the IRS believes that you will owe the IRS a lot of money and you are about to take all of your assets out of the 50 United States forever out of potential reach of the IRS;

3. IRS “lock-in” letters, which the IRS occasionally and arbitrarily sends employers, telling the employer to steal (“withhold”) the maximum amount from your pay, not because you owe any taxes to the IRS according to the law, but because the IRS and the IRS computer algorithm arbitrarily decided that more money should be stolen (withheld) from your pay, and because your employer is too afraid to disobey the whims of the IRS.

With these lock-in letters, sometimes the employer through discussion and letters may be persuaded to follow the law showing that the entire withholding scam only applies to people on the federal payroll. However, we cannot guarantee that your employer will see the light on this matter.

To get some of that stolen/withheld money back, you may need to file 1040 confession forms under duress. Or, to avoid the maximum withholding from continuing to be stolen from you, you may need to or choose to start your own business or to change jobs, taking your talents to an employer who respects and values you and your contributions to their company over their FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) of the IRS.

In some cases, your best option may be to sue your employer.  Several years of appeals (and continued maximum withholding) may pass before the lawsuit is successful.


The RFP’s purpose is to provide a forum or vehicle for Americans to join hands in restoring honest, responsive, and limited government to the United States of America, and to follow the letter and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as written and designed by America’s founding Fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.

The RFP has always been priced as low as possible, to allow the maximum number of Americans to be able to affordably join the RFP. Some have suggested that FLS charge for the RFP based on how much money the student you make.

These well-meaning supporters have suggested that if, for example, an RFP student makes $60,000 per year (and would traditionally pay $8,500 in US taxes), that student should pay less for their RFP membership than someone who makes $200,000 per year and would traditionally pay $53,000 per year. See our chart "How Much are you Giving to the IRS?".

FLS rejected this approach because that would turn FLS into a “mini-IRS”, inquiring and having to “verify” how much you make per year so that your RFP membership price could be set.

However, many of you really want to make a difference and be a part of restoring freedom. You know that having the financial support of freedom seekers like you is crucial to help FLS initiate freedom-oriented lawsuits and expand our freedom educational efforts.

For this reason, if you make $200,000 or more, FLS recommends that you determine roughly how much you would pay in US Income Taxes if you were required by law to file and pay US Income Taxes.

Once you find out how much you are saving now that you realize no law requires you to file and pay, FLS recommends that you:

    • Set aside and contribute 1/3 of your savings to statesman, who are running for, or are in offices of trust, who have a very strong record and attitude toward restoring freedom; such as Representative Thomas Massie as you can see rated at John Birch’s Freedom Index with a perfect score of 100 out of 100. See (sort the page by descending score) or contribute to freedom organizations, such as Freedom Law School and its sister organization, the American Justice Foundation who are committed to bringing out public educational efforts and freedom lawsuits to all Americans. For a partial list of these lawsuits, see this page:____________
    • Save 1/3 of your savings toward your retirement and other long-term savings to bring about long-term financial safety for you and your family.
    • Spend 1/3 of your savings towards better housing, nutrition, and education for you and your family to provide your family more comfort and health.

Taking Action for Freedom

By joining the Restore Freedom Plan, you can be proud that, like our founding fathers, you are joining hands with fellow Americans, doing your part to:

  • Restore honest, responsive, limited government to the united states of America, and
  • Follow the intent and letter of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which were designed and written by America’s founding fathers to protect the blessings of liberty for all Americans.

Restore Freedom Plan Agreement

Print the Agreement to read and review as needed. You do not need to send this to us with your application; it is for your records.

Restore Freedom Plan Application

Print this Restore Freedom Plan Application, fill it in, sign it and mail it to Freedom Law School with your payment to get started with your top-of-the line 'peace-of-mind' income tax freedom package!