Step 7. Spread the word!

Here is YOUR Opportunity to share your LOVE of truth about tax laws and freedom from US income taxes... and get PAID for it!

Get paid $5,000 per person CASH!

You can share your love of truth with others to reveal the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) tactics used by the IRS to control the minds and hearts of the people.

Once you have opened their eyes, you can provide them with real solutions by introducing them to Freedom Law School and our

Restore Freedom Plan (RFP)!

As a Restore Freedom Plan member, you will receive up to 50% commission for each person you liberate from the matrix of lies by signing them up for the Restore Freedom Plan! That is up to $5,000 cash or crypto to you, tax-free, with no IRS Forms W-2, 1099, or any other incorrect snitch reports sent to the IRS!

And for those looking to become a member of the Restore Freedom Plan, but cannot afford the membership cost, then this is the solution for you! Any commission earned when you are not a member will pay towards your membership! That means by signing up a single friend or family member you could also cover your own sign up fees!

Once you have paid off your RFP membership, , ALL of your commissions are paid to you in cash or crypto.

Alternatively you may choose to put a small down payment on your RFP membership (along with your RFP application) and earn 50% commissions to pay off your membership quickly and earn cash much sooner.
For more information on how this works, call our office!

Start your way to Freedom and Prosperity!

You are now a Freedom Advocate:

Already, you may refer any number of Americans to become a Freedom Law School student, sharing with them how you learned from Freedom Law School about the US Income Tax Deception / Fraud / Hoax and lawfully be free of US federal and state income taxes. Freedom Law School will pay you cash! An honest-and-true win-win-win for all involved.

How much can you earn with the Freedom Opportunity Plan as a Freedom Advocate?

You will earn a 25% commission credit towards your membership on all referrals who sign up for the Restore Freedom Plan, or any other Freedom Law School Course or Freedom Package!

You will receive up to $2,500 credit for every new Freedom Law School student who you refer!*

Here is Your BEST option!

You are now a Freedom Ambassador:

Ready to hit the ground running and earn twice as much? Go straight to being an Ambassador of Freedom, earning 50% commissions! To become a Freedom Ambassador, all you need to lead the charge against tyranny is to become a Restore Freedom Plan member yourself.

As a Freedom Ambassador, you will earn a Cash or Crypto Payout of up to $5,000 for each Restore Freedom Plan member that you sign up. ALL TAX-FREE! Again, no unlawful W-2 or 1099 snitch forms sent to the IRS!

This means that with only one sign-up a month, you could bring in an extra $60,000 a year! All for a few moments of your time to simply share the truth with others.

How much can YOU earn as a Freedom Ambassador with the Freedom Opportunity Plan?

Freedom Law School wants each person to have this fantastic opportunity, and so we have made it simple and easy for anyone to jump in and earn a 50% commission through the Freedom Opportunity Plan as a Freedom Ambassador!

So that many more people have this opportunity, Freedom Law School will allow you to become a Restore Freedom Plan member for as little as $1,000 down, paying the rest of your first-year Restore Freedom Plan membership fee with payments and/or referral commissions. For those of you under age 30, you can start with as little as $400 to get in on this most amazing opportunity!

At only one age-35 or higher Restore Freedom Plan referral sign-up a month, you will earn $5,000/month, $60,000+/year, which for most people is a substantial income from full-time or overtime work - for working only part-time! At one signed referral per week, you will be making $21,667 per month, $260,000 per year, TAX-FREE!

This 50% commission also applies to purchasers of any Freedom Law School COURSE PACKAGE you have referred.

Where else can you find an opportunity to educate and free your fellow Americans from tax deception, robbery, and slavery, at the same time becoming free and prosperous yourself?!

How to do it?

Share the truth about the INCOME TAX DECEPTION

  • Text or email your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you know or contact, with the following link to our video playlist, “Most Americans Do NOT Owe Income Tax!”, inviting them to watch. This power-packed playlist has five short presentations (about 6 minutes each) designed to open their minds to the truth about IRS deception. Click here.

Follow Up with them a couple of days later to see what their take was on the videos you invited them to watch.

  • If they did not watch the video yet, gently nudge them about how important it is to do so, and follow up again a couple of days later.
  • Follow-ups are key. People often need gentle reminders to listen to these videos on their commute or if they have other tasks not requiring their full attention, and also to watch them on their personal computer so they can see the on-screen references.
  • Once they watch the video, give them the link to the Restore Freedom Plan and Freedom Law School student victories and Freedom Law School’s own victories, showing them that Freedom Law School and Freedom Law School’s students have repeatedly beaten the IRS

Throw a freedom party! It is easy to have fun while you free yourself on your way to prosperity, with no high-pressure sales. In fact, Freedom Law School does not want you to “sell” anything; all you need to do is:

  • Host a weekend “Income Tax Freedom Luncheon”, inviting friends, family members, and co-workers. Feed your friends good-tasting food.
    • About 35 minutes after the food is served, have them sit and watch the video playlist, “Most Americans Do NOT Owe Income Tax!” (6 short videos), on your biggest TV screen (so that they can easily read the Internal Revenue Code sections and US Supreme Court decisions ) and then ask if they have any questions or comments. Click here for the video playlist
    • If any of them are open to more, show them the short Restore Freedom Plan introduction video by clicking here.
    • Be fully honest with them. Do not answer anything that you are not 100% sure about. Let them know that the most important thing they can do is first educate themselves about the income tax deception, join Freedom Law School’s campaign and write their Congress members to end this deception.
    • Remember that it will take most people some time to free themselves of the F.E.A.R. that has been drummed into their minds and hearts for decades.
  • Your job now is to encourage them to:
    • Listen to the longer, more detailed version of each of these 5 videos (which are linked to in the video descriptions) in their car as they travel, and also watch them later on a larger screen;
    • Read and understand our Petitions to Congress, designed to end the income tax deception, and join Freedom Law School’s campaign to end the deception; and
    • Consider signing up for the Restore Freedom Plan program, becoming a Freedom Ambassador themselves.

With their self-education, your support, and Freedom Law School’s support, many people to whom you show these educational videos will decide to become Restore Freedom Plan members, and you will get up to $4,500 per referral for loving outreach and educational efforts.

You and they can call Freedom Law School at (813) 444-4800 to talk to a live human being, as well as call the weekly Freedom Hour, where you or they can speak directly to Peymon Mottahedeh, the President of Freedom Law School. For details, click here.

Reach out to the world, giving them the opportunity to be EDUCATED, FREE and PROSPEROUS, just like YOU!:

If you want to have some fun and meet new people, and you are willing to get out and talk to people, you can go in front of your favorite supermarket and hand out the Freedom Law School Freedom Catalog or our Income Tax Freedom flyers.

I like to tell people as they come out of the supermarket: “Do you love or fear the IRS? If you love the IRS keep walking. If you are afraid of the IRS, this is your chance to free yourself of IRS deception, robbery and slavery!”

This message will filter out those who are frozen in FEAR and invite those who love freedom and truth in their hearts to approach you for more information. When they do, give them Freedom Law School’s Freedom Catalog or Income Tax Freedom flyers, get their name and phone number and/or email to send them the link to Freedom Law School’s 6 short videos about the Income Tax Deception.

Follow up, follow up, follow up. Talk to more people. Know that many people are ruled by F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real):

  • FEAR of dying, losing their jobs or getting in trouble if they do not wear a Coronavirus hoax/hysteria useless mask;
  • FEAR of dying, losing their jobs or getting in trouble if they do not keep an anti-social 6-foot distance from people who are obviously perfectly healthy;
  • FEAR of dying, losing their jobs or getting in trouble if they do not get invasively vaccinated by the profiteering control freak pharmaceutical mega-corporations led by multi-billionaire Bill Gates;
  • FEAR that China, Russia, Iran or North Korea are stupid enough to go to war against the United States, which spends more on its global military network than all other countries combined;
  • FEAR that President Trump is a misogynistic, racist, White Supremacist who will restrict civil rights for women and minorities;
  • FEAR of speaking out against the long-standing election system fraud now made so clear by the 2020 presidential election.

However, many Americans DO know that one or more of the above lies are hoaxes that are promoted by:

  • Mainstream media: cable news networks and major newspapers;
  • The dominant search engine: Google;
  • Dominant social media companies that censor what you see and read: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok;
  • Politicians who are largely funded and controlled by the control-freak Moneyed Interests: Big Banks, Big Arms Dealers, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Insurance, …)
Many of these people know that the reason “Killary Rotten” Clinton committed treasonous selling of US National Security secrets in a bribery/kickback scheme to raise funds to buy off the Democratic party machinery that cheated Bernie Sanders out of the 2016 Presidential nomination and created the Trump/Russia conspiracy hoax that took three years to fail.

More and more people are discovering that the reason the deep state had the gall to go after arguably the most powerful man in the world, President Trump, based on hoaxes, is because the deep state and their bankster/corporate/media masters combined have more money than the President and have been screwing you and me – the real American People – for decades, with total license!

People are ready to discover that these same criminal cartels have by deception been ripping off ordinary Americans like you and me into poverty and ruin!

However, it is up to you to reach deep down in your heart and let your love of truth and freedom guide you to continue reaching out to find and educate more Americans who also love and seek truth and freedom, telling them about the biggest financial hoax ever perpetrated on the world in known history – the income tax fraud!

So, keep at it, my friends. Know that your perseverance and hard work, when you are coming from a love of truth, will pay off for you, as big as the effort you put into it!

For further assistance, feel free to call (not email or text) Freedom Law School at (813) 444-4800.