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Have IRS or state income tax agencies harassed you with letters? Filed tax liens against you? Threatened to take your money? Stolen your money? Summoned you or your bank for information about you? Put you under criminal investigation? Sent you letters by certified mail?

Freedom Law School can help you in these three ways:

  • 1) For immediate answers, call our office between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, to speak with one of our dedicated activists who have previous general experience with business and taxes and are under the direct training and supervision of Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of Freedom Law School. The activist may be able to assist you with your question. They can certainly answer general questions in regards to Freedom Law School, our courses and course packages and other educational materials;
  • 2) For a FREE public consultation by Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of Freedom Law School, attend any of our weekly Freedom Hour live online broadcasts Thursdays at 7 PM Eastern and call in to ask Peymon your question;

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Freedom Law School Declares:

  • No federal statute makes American citizens of the 50 states without earnings from the federal government liable to file and pay income taxes. Those individuals or businesses only become liable to pay the income tax when they “voluntarily” file a tax return and the IRS follows assessment procedures outlined in the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Although the IRS and the modern American courts claim that the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution permitted the income tax to be imposed on the compensation for labor of the average working man, the 16th Amendment was not properly added to the United States Constitution. See www.thelawthatneverwas.com for documentation of this issue.
  • If there were a statute which clearly and unequivocally required the filing of such tax returns, such a statute would be unconstitutional under the present income tax system to the extent that it would require individuals to give the government information which could be used against them to prosecute them criminally. The IRS, under the United States Constitution, cannot legally require information on 1040 returns from individuals. This is the reason the IRS continually refers to the income tax as “voluntary”.

Lastly, Freedom Law School wants you to watch this short video which proves, with the law as written, who IS required to file and pay federal income taxes!