IRS Proof

If you file income tax returns, your chances of going to prison are 8 times higher than if you do nothing!!!

  • Incredible? Unbelievable? Did we make it up?
  • No, it is true! According to IRS data (shown below), from 2014 through 2016, the IRS each year sentenced an average of 2,887 people of “tax and financial crimes,” yet sentenced only an average of less than 173 of about 80 million Americans who had not filed Income Tax Confession Forms (1040, etc.) . This means about 2,714 of about 150 million filers went to prison.
  • Do you want to increase your odds of going to prison by 8 times?!! Then go ahead and file the 1040 or other Income Tax Confession Forms (returns) (See this page)…or,
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For more recent years you can find the official IRS number for Filers by CLICKING HERE and for Non-Filers by CLICKING HERE

Need more proof? Check out “IRS: The Real Paper Tiger” by CLICKING HERE!!!

By the IRS’ own estimate, in 1996, there were over 63 MILLION NON-FILERS. Based on the 2006 U.S. Population count, our population is 300 million. In 2007, 2,155 people were sentenced by the IRS, including filers and non-filers. That means that 1,877 filers were convicted for the year 2007 versus only 278 non-filers that were convicted for the same tax year.

The amazing truth is that doing nothing on April 15th is less risky than signing a 1040 Tax Confession Form, stating “under oath” and “penalty of perjury” (they throw you in prison if you make a mistake) that everything on the 1040 Confession Form is true, correct and complete!!

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