Step 5. Write the lawmakers about the law


Write Petitions to US Congress to lawfully FREE YOURSELF from IRS deception, robbery, and slavery! Free Yourself from potential imprisonment with our Petitions.

Petitioning US Congress to stop the renegade government insiders from imposing the various federal income taxes. Why?
By reading and mailing (by certified mail) these petitions to your 3 Congressmen, you are:

1) Educating yourself and your 3 Congressmen about the renegade government insiders who are imposing the various federal income taxes on you and the American people in violation of federal laws. This is your right and your duty as protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees your right to complain (petition) to the government for the beef/complaints to Congress to clean up the US government of the renegades that are violating federal laws and your rights.

2) Making a record of the above so that you can show it to a jury in case these government renegades that will guarantee your win against the government renegades attack on you. Government renegades hate the law and run away from the text of the law, the same way a vampire runs away from garlic!

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For members of the Restore Freedom Plan, all the work described in the Petitions is done for you by Freedom Law School as part of your membership, but for all others, simply follow the procedures on each page.