How can I STOP my Employer from Withholding for the IRS?

For those with the Restore Freedom Plan all the work described below is done for you by Freedom Law School
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Before moving forward, carefully go through each step above the downloads.

How can I stop my employer from withholding from my paycheck and sending my money to the IRS?

Do Social Security and Medicare taxes apply to your wages or wages you pay your employees?


Petition Congress to "Redress" (make right, remedy) Your Grievance (complaint)

Download the PDF file below, which contains Freedom Law School's recommended petition letter complete with highlighted exhibits. Fill in the titles, names and addresses of all three of your members of Congress (the US Representative of your district and the two US Senators for your state, as found on the website of the US House of Representatives and US Senate). Also, fill in the date, and your own name and address. Print the three originals and mail by certified mail.

The petition demands your Congress members take action to stop the IRS from forcing employers to illegally withhold taxes from the wages of tens of millions of wage earners like you. In the unlikely case any of your Congress members are able to show that the laws and US Supreme Court cases in the petition letter are somehow not valid,forward a copyto Freedom Law School because we would like to see that!

Do NOT worry about retaliation by the IRS against you. Writing to your Congress members is absolutely protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects not only your right to freedom of speech and religion, but also your right to print material, assemble with like-minded Americans and write Congress to redress grievances (your complaints or "beefs") that you have against the Government insiders.

Send the letter below, to your Congressmen by Certified mail (certified mail will receive more attention). Make sure to also keep a copy of the signed letters in your files, along with ALL attachments and the certified mail receipt.

Wait sixty (60) days for each of your Congress members to respond to you. If your Congress members are not able to refute your letter with a copy of the law (not a mere citation or reference to the law), THEN go ahead and take the next step and write to your employer to stop withholding Federal Income Tax from your paycheck. You will also want to include a copy of the letter you sent to Congress for your employer to review as well.

CLICK HERE for your Petition to Congress on the Employment Tax issue


Temporary Measure to Stop Withholding NOW!

IF your employer absolutely requires you to fill out a W-4 form as a condition of employment, or before paying you (as nearly all employers in the 50 states seem to require), you may – in order for you to not go without work or money for food, rent, electricity ... provide your employer this amended W-4 EXEMPT form (click below), which has:

    1. A statement that the form is signed “under duress”, involuntarily, since you are being forced to fill it out to get the job or get paid;
    2. An explanation about who the explicit language of federal tax laws say is an “employee” subject to Income Tax Withholding, and that you are not such an employee; and
    3. A statement that this form is a Release of Employer Liability for your employer when they stop withholding federal income taxes from your pay. 
    4. An attachment with copies of the specific tax law sections listed on your W-4 Form, and two US Supreme Court decisions for the employer to see for themselves that your W-4 form is legally correct.

This is a temporary measure only. As soon as possible, you should send to each of your 3 Congress members (your one US Representative and your two US Senators) the Redress of Grievance letter provided in STEP 1 above, to educate your Congressmen on the Federal Income Tax Withholding Scam/Robbery that IRS principal officers have imposed on the unsuspecting productive workers of the 50 States of the Union through F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), and to have them stop this immense robbery, or correct you, IF they can show laws of Congress or cases of the US Supreme Court cases you may have missed.THEN, based on the response of your Congress members to your petition (or, more often, lack of response), you should send the letter below in STEP 3 to your employer, educating your employer on the law and firmly asking them to follow the law as written by Congress and to stop stealing your money and giving it to the lying and thieving officers of the IRS.

CLICK HERE for your Form W-4 Withholding Exemption package 

Our statement on Social Security and Payroll taxes:

Nearly without exception, American employers deduct (subtract) Social Security and Medicare “payroll” taxes of 7.65% from the wages of each employee. The employers also pay matching Social Security and Medicare taxes, an additional 7.65% of the wages of all their employees. The employers hand over this 15.3% of the wages of all their employers to the US Treasury and report their employees' wages to the IRS.

As with other US income taxes, the federal laws related to payroll taxes do not apply to the vast majority of the American population. Freedom Law School estimates that payroll taxes only apply to less than 1% of American employees and employers! Yet the government renegades – the IRS, the Department of (In)Justice, and certain federal courts – misapply payroll tax laws against all American employees and employers as if the laws do apply to them.


Letter to Your Employer After Congress Members had an Opportunity to Review!

Be sure to follow the above step-by-step instructions and wait
the full (60) days before sending a follow-up letter to your employer.

Unfortunately, the average American has little power over public servants in our government. Not only do your members in Congress have little to no time to read and understand and respond to your letter, but they also are most likely too busy raising campaign funds for their next re-election to take notice.

Very likely your members of Congress will either:

    1. Have their staff send you a canned/pre-worded letter, thanking you for your correspondence and for expressing your concerns. However, they will not indicate that they are going to do anything about your concerns, or that they even understood your concerns or read your petition. This is the most common method that Congress members will use to ignore you and the points you make in your letter, without appearing to have ignored you outright.
    2. Send you an IRS publication (IRS publications are NOT law) or refer you to the IRS in some other way. This is the other common method of ignoring you and the points you make in your letter.
    3. Ignore your letter altogether.
    4. If any of your Congress members show you how you got the wrong copy of the law (which is extremely unlikely) please contact Freedom Law School.

If none of your Congress members refute the law you have provided as published by the US House of Representatives, then you are ready to write to your employer.

Send any responses from your Congress members to Freedom Law School through our "Contact Us" page so that we can post them here for all to see. Freedom Law School will do our best to post follow-up letters to the most common responses received from Congress members.

We recommend consulting with a FLS activist to see if this letter should also be sent to your employer, if you have not received a response from your Congress members after 60 days. 

CLICK HERE for a sample letter to your employer

Your employer should follow the law as written and as published by the Office of Law Revision Counsel of the US House Of Representatives. But unfortunately, due to the blinding fear your employer may have of IRS retaliation, they might not stop withholding federal income taxes from your paycheck.

In this case, you should follow up with your employer to make sure that your letter was sent through the proper channels to the higher-ups (payroll manager, human resource director, legal department, accountant, owner, et cetera).

You may do this process by placing one or more telephone calls, meeting in person, or even by writing a simple follow-up letter or two. If none of that works, then you may want to do this: Send the WRITTEN responses of your employer to Freedom Law School so that we can post them here for all to see (confidential information removed, of course). Freedom Law School will do our best to post sample letters that follow up with the most common responses received from employers after they receive the above letter.

As always, our Restore Freedom Plan members have unlimited consultation and should send us all their income tax-related correspondence for review, discussion and response. 

If you are an EMPLOYER and would like to stop voluntarily taking from your employees to fund the swamp, check out our Employer Freedom Plan!


Get as many of your co-workers, family members, friends, and acquaintances to do the same. By working together we can bring the gross misapplication of the Federal Income Tax laws to the attention of Congress. Through Congress, we can stop the corrupt officials of the IRS, as well as their accomplices: top lawyers of the Department of Justice, and certain Federal judges.