Freedom Law School Victories

Victory #1
IRS has been investigating Freedom Law School since 1994
and is still unable to stop FLS from exposing the
deception and robbery of the American People

In 1994 the IRS began investigating Peymon Mottahedeh, the Founder and President of Freedom Law School (founded in 1996) as a “Potential fraudulent tax protester promoter.” After about 18 months of investigation, the IRS gave up on THIS baseless criminal investigation. For over 27 years the IRS has almost continuously investigated Peymon and FLS, and has STILL been unable to stop FLS from exposing IRS deception
and robbery of the American People.

CLICK HERE the link to see the documented PROOF!

Victory #2
Freedom Law School Beats the IRS in its own
$700,000 Case

In December 2009, the IRS filed liens against Freedom Law School (FLS) totaling over $700,000. FLS requested a Collection Due Process Hearing challenging the IRS’s assessment and asking the IRS to prove that FLS owed this arbitrary $700,000. The IRS ignored FLS’s arguments and erroneously ruled against FLS and issued a Notice of Determination.

FLS petitioned the United States Tax Court, where the IRS Attorney agreed to send FLS’s case back to the IRS Appeals Office so that FLS could challenge the arbitrary $700,000 that the IRS was claiming FLS owed.

In November 2011, the IRS issued a Supplemental Notice of Determination (copy attached) and stated:

“It has been determined that the tax assessments should be abated and the Notice of Federal Tax Lien withdrawn.”

Further, in December 2011, the IRS withdrew the $700,000 lien against FLS (copy attached).

The IRS Appeals Office also ordered that the IRS withdraw all liens against FLS (copy attached). In November 2012, the Tax Court solidified this by ruling in FLS’s favor by reducing the $700,000 claim to ZERO! (see attached)

Victory #3
2003-2016: Freedom Law School beats IRS's
bogus claim of being an "Abusive Tax Shelter Promoter"

The IRS has conceded being defeated by Freedom Law School. The IRS has admitted that after 13 years of investigating Freedom Law School as an abusive tax shelter promoter, the IRS could NOT find ANYTHING to indicate that Freedom Law School is an abusive tax shelter promoter.

Freedom Law School Beats IRS’s Bogus Claim of Being an “Abusive Tax Shelter Promoter”