Step 4. Take Courage From FLS Victories


Peymon, President of Freedom Law School has not filed or paid any US Income Taxes since 1993. The IRS knows this fact very well; the IRS has never attempted to indict or put Peymon in prison for not having filed or paid any US Income taxes for almost 30 years. Why?

When you equip yourself with knowledge and are prepared, the IRS is easy to beat. Peymon has done so and so can YOU!

Victory #1 - IRS has been investigating Freedom Law School since 1994 and is still unable to stop FLS from exposing the IRS’s deception and robbery of the American people.

Victory #2 - Freedom Law School beats the IRS in its own 13-year $663,000 tax case.

Victory #3 - 2003-2016: Freedom Law School beats IRS's bogus claim of being an "Abusive Tax Shelter Promoter"

Victory #4 - 2016: Law Professor Siegel's claim of the $300,000 Income Tax Reward of Freedom Law School.