What really happened with Richard Grant and Freedom Law School; the Untold Truth!

We included a full video presentation regarding Richard Grant and his loss below.

Richard Grant is a former Freedom Law School (FLS) student who stopped filing and paying income tax BEFORE he came to us. The IRS criminally charged Richard, and instead of the lawyer we PLEADED with Richard to get, he hired his own lawyer, ignoring our suggestions. Unfortunately, Richard’s choice of lawyer, left him unprepared in his defense and in his understanding of IRS procedures, leading Richard to his prison sentence.

Watch the video here for the rest of Richard’s unfortunate story.

Now federal income tax-shills and internet trolls alike try to use Richard Grant’s loss to disprove FLS credibility. However, with the full truth revealed as well as a plethora of victories (https://livefreenow.org/victories-testimonials/), we stand confident with ALL of our students against the illegal collection of the Federal Income Tax.

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